Reliability and just-in-time delivery are basic factors for a successful, fair collaboration. The chemistry and communication must be right for you to be able to act successfully and effectively on the markets. Here, outsourcing saves time as well as costs.

Deciding on a purchase on location or abroad has a very significant influence on the competitiveness and business success of a company.

Here, numbers play the deciding role.

Large volumes, low labour costs and effective raw-material purchasing are key words, which allow an import of basic elements to become a profitable alternative.



Here, even outsourcing indirect purchasing creates the necessary free space for buyers to devote themselves to the essential tasks of the company. Chocolate is of existential importance for a praline manufacturer. The thermoforming tray or ribbon around the packaging play a minor role.

Companies with many indirect groups of products know about the high care and management expense that is created through having numerous suppliers and service providers.

This high expense mostly doesn’t correlate to the nominal acquisition budget.

For modern purchasing strategies, the price factor is no longer the only thing in the foreground, instead, it’s all about optimising profitability.

The best possible mix of numerous factors which influence foreign business, such as shipping costs, customs tariffs and inspections, compliance and testing requirements, etc. is the key to success.