The perfect team consists of a group of highly-motivated employees who get on well together on a personal level and cover the full spectrum of required expert knowledge!

It isn’t just the interaction within a team, but also the relationships between customers and suppliers, service providers and clients, and buyers and sellers which are deciding factors for successful cooperation and effective collaboration.

The ethical principles of commercial trade are more in demand today than ever before.

Mutual trust, correctness, reliability and loyalty are the basis which take on more of a central importance in the times of internet and online transactions.

As competent partner to our customers and suppliers, we set ourselves this challenge anew each day.
„Face to Face“ and therefore “strong together”

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IHK magazine "No exports without imports"

„Everything is possible! was always my motto.Peter Baumann, CEO“

Peter Baumann, born in 1963 in Speyer on the Rhine and grew up in Freising, is a business owner like no other in terms of know-how and competence. 20 years of business experience in imports make up the basis to allow him to grow to the daily challenges and to show ways of making the realisation of ideas possible.


„Personal & with full commitment!“ Markus Bothner, CEO

Markus Bothner, born in 1970 in Amberg in the Upper Palatinate, and still closely connected with the region today, stands for 100% commitment for his customers and the execution of diverse, creative ideas.
A rich wealth of experience and intensive material and product knowledge makes up the basis for successful, individual product realisation.